We’re weird and obnoxious but we’re never bored :P

We’re weird and obnoxious but we’re never bored :P

Call me Shaquille O’neal :P

Call me Shaquille O’neal :P

Anonymous asked: What do you do to get your teeth so white?

I am obsessed with teeth as weird as that sounds haha so I’m constantly brushing my teeth and I also weirdly love to floss lol
…and then every so often I’ll whiten them with crest strips! :)

Anonymous asked: What is your skin care routine? Your skin is gorgeous.

Oh my goodness you’re way too nice but photos only show so much! My skin has almost never been perfect and I break out every now and then soo don’t let photos deceive you!
However as far as skin care, I have Nubian body wash that I was my face and body with when I shower and Herbal Aloe Force Skin Gel that I put on my face once I’m dried off. It’s like a very specific herbal aloe blend not just like regular aloe lol but I absolutely looooove that stuff!! :)

Anonymous asked: What kind of car do you have?

Kia rondo! It’s my fave :) it has TONS of storage space and roof racks for my boards. It’s mah lil Kia bean haha

Ooooh hay
My shirt says aloha and I got it for 5 bucks.


Anonymous asked: Do you count macros as in you only want the % to be spot on or do you have a specific target if grans for each macronutrient if that makes sense?

Meep I actually don’t count macros. I hate math so counting in general is no fun for me haha soo counting macros when I’m gettin mah grub on is not something I partake in, sorry I couldn’t be more helpful! I know that there are lotsa rad chicas on here that do though!

Being honest and open with people feels so good
Who cares if you make a fool of yourself
This life is too short to not let people know you care

Oh and PS fun new goodiez make me giddy 
(Taken with Instagram @riiaberg)

Oh and PS fun new goodiez make me giddy

(Taken with Instagram @riiaberg)

(Source: )


Anonymous asked: Are you vegan again? :)

Nopee just tryin to eat clean without labeling myself as vegetarian, pescatarian, barbarian, or any-ian haha :P

Snaps of packing and painting
Haaaay :P


Excuse the lack of fitness posts while I move into my new place haha
I’ll be back at polar watch pics and workout posts soon :P

Anonymous asked: what do you use to edit your instagram photos?

Either VSCO Cam or Afterlight :)

Having to untuck your perfectly tucked in shirt to pee
The struggle.

Anonymous asked: I want to buy that deck you're working on. Like right now. Take all my monies.

Hahah you rock this makes me so happy! This deck has been super fun to doo but it’s still not done yet so hold ya monies hehe :P

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