Breakfast Cereals…

If you read my Healthy or Haux post, you already know how I feel about product labeling: Good for the companies pockets…not so good for our health!

A perfectly good example what I mean by this would be breakfast cereals.
For most people, cereals are a great way to start their morning or a perfect snack throughout the day. Whatever the case, I’m sure plenty of you include cereal somewhere in your week. So what’s so bad about cereal? Nothing! That is if you’re picking the right ones!

Remember my recent post about GMOs? (if you don’t, read it here!) Knowing how bad GMOs are, it’s pretty alarming to hear that most “natural” breakfast cereals contain high levels of these genetically enginered ingredients! Yikes!

The Cornucopia Institute’s did a study and revealed some scary facts!

Kashi Cereals: Contain high levels of GMOs and 100% of the soy used was genetically engineered soy.

Mother’s Brand Cereal’s: Contain high levels of GMOs. Tests revealed 28% of the corn to be genetically engineered.

Whole Foods’ 365 brand Corn Flakes: Contains high levels of GMOs (more than 50% genetically engineered corn)

Barbara’s Bakery Puffins cereal: Also shown to contain more than 50% genetically engineered corn.

Kashi GoLean, Mother’s Bumpers, Nutritious Living Hi-Lo, and General Mills Kix: All considered “natural” and are also contaminated with high levels of GE ingredients (sometimes as high as 100%)

Quaker Oats: Claims to be an “all-natural” product, but Quaker Oats (a unit of PepsiCo) manages a processing plant that emits roughly 19,000 pounds of sulfuryl fluoride yearly. (Sulfuryl fluoride is a toxic greenhouse gas used to treat crops like oats in storage.)

Mom’s Best Naturals Raisin Bran Cereal: contains “natural” (non-GMO) ingredients that are commonly contaminated with malathion and phosmet chemicals, both of which are neurotoxins.

What’s a neuortoxin? Neurotoxins are poisons that cause harm to our nerve cells and nervous system.

Bear Naked and Kashi: Several products from these compaines contain conventional soy protein.

So as you an tell, some of the so called “healthy” products contain some surprisingly unhealthy ingredients! Be careful with what you put into your body! Do your research :) And remember…just because something is labeled natural, does not necessarily make it healthy!

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This is such an eye opener! I totally recommend watching it! Click here to see my post about GMOs. And here to read how California is trying to make the change!

Do you know about GMOs?

Considering that 80% of foods in U.S. grocery stores are made with GMO ingredients, it’s important that you learn about them.

GMO stands for genetically modified organism. Sounds like a science experiment right? That’s because it basically is! Scientists have found that by using genetic engineering they can alter the genetic code of a fruit, vegetable, grain, anything! So basically they can create a fruit that has a longer “shelf life” or a vegetable that creates its own pesticides. Get the idea?

Well my first question when I read about this was:

Why are scientists working on our food?

Leave that to the farmers! I want my food to be clean and pure, not injected and altered!

You also have to realize that GMOs haven’t been proven safe. Millions of people are consuming products that haven’t even been investigated enough. And to make matters worse, there is no law stating that products have to label if they contain GMOs. According to, studies show that these foods can create new, unintended toxic substances, increased allergies, cancer risks, and other health problems.

GMOs need to be avoided and we deserve to know what we’re putting in our bodies.